Jonathan Ott, English Teacher at ACI

Jonathan Ott, English Teacher at ACII have only been living in Izmir for a few months now but, so far, I am really enjoying my time here. I moved here from Qatar with my wife and daughter and we are all much happier here than we ever were in Qatar.

In terms of the city itself, it’s quite scenic and there’s plenty to do. When we were first looking into jobs in Turkey, we had never heard of Izmir and had hoped to find a job in Istanbul. After moving here, however, I am convinced that Izmir is a much nicer place to live. Our home is close to the water and we have an amazing view over Izmir Bay and of the surrounding mountains. From our neighborhood it’s very easy to get around. There’s a variety of accessible public transportation including busses, subways and ferries. At the same time, taxis are pretty cheap and the traffic is generally not too bad. There are also many incredibly places to visit near Izmir, such as Cecme and Alacati. My wife and I are usually pretty happy to stay in our neighborhood of Goztepe, however, as everything we need is within walking distance from our home. While Izmir is a big city, it can sometimes feel like a small town as most of the teachers live in the same neighborhood and everyone, including the locals, are generally very kind and friendly.

ACI is an impressive school and has much to offer students and teachers. Coming from Qatar, I was shocked at the level of academics here. The students are hard-working and well-behaved. I teach English Main Course and Writing to Prep students (grade 9) and I am really enjoying working with them. They are eager to learn and love participating in all kinds of English activities. Even just in three months, I have already noticed so much improvement in my students’ English abilities. The school itself has a very positive atmosphere. The teachers are generally very happy with how they’re treated and everyone seems to get along well. The administration and other teachers do a great job of welcoming new staff to the school and helping them get settled. I should also mention that the campus itself is absolutely beautiful.

I can honestly say that moving to Izmir is one of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. While I signed a two-year contract, we are already planning to stay much longer than that.