Terms of Use

Terms of Use: This document The website
Website: Any web content residing on the domain
User: Any individual who accesses the Website
Jobseeker: Any User who has created a resume within the Website
School/Schools: SEV school/schools with a legitimate need to hire teaching staff
Recruitment Service:The services offered under the “Jobs” and “Resumes” sections of the Website

General :
The Website is only available for the use of those who agree fully to the Terms of Use.
The Recruitment Service is only available for those who are a Jobseeker and agree fully to the Terms of Use.

Scope of Use:
The User agrees that all information submitted to the Website is done so solely at the risk of the User. While agrees to take reasonable steps towards protecting the data belonging to the User, will not be held responsible for any breaches in security (including, but not limited to; hacking, cracking, phishing and theft) that cause the data belonging to the User to be compromised.

Jobseekers agree that they will only use the Schools for the purpose of looking for employment and understand that they may apply for jobs by making direct contact with the Schools (either through a form on the Website or by emailing the Schools directly) and that will never be involved in negotiations between the Jobseeker and the Schools. For as long as the Jobseeker keeps a resume on the Website in an “Active” state, the Website will display a summary to the schools and provide full details of the resume to Schools. Jobseekers understand that will not be held liable or responsible for the way in which the School chooses to use the information contained in any resume. The Jobseeker agrees that if they do not comply with the Terms of Use, their account and data submitted to the Website may be suspended and/or deleted.

Schools agree that they will only use the Website for the purpose of looking for employees, which can either be achieved by posting a job advertisement or by viewing resumes. Schools agree that they are fully responsible for the content of their job advertisements.

Prohibited Use :
Users agree to abide by the following prohibitions:

No Jobseeker may submit inaccurate user information, or submit inaccurate resume information.

No User may contact a School except as a Jobseeker for the express reason of applying for, or seeking clarification about, a position that a School has advertised.

No User may contact a Jobseeker except as a School for the express reason of offering an interview or a position of employment.

Unless part of the normal operation of the User’s web browser, no User may download or duplicate any information contained on the Website, except in the case of Schools who may download and save Jobseekers resumes for their own use.

Users must not access in any country, region or jurisdiction that has deemed such access to be illegal.

Responsibilities takes no responsibility whatsoever for content on the Website

The User agrees to be solely responsible for the accuracy and legality of all content submitted. makes no warranty that the Website is free of errors or viruses or other malware. The user agrees that use of the Website is at their own risk.

Disclaimer: shall not be liable for any damages or losses suffered as a result of using the Website. shall not be liable in the case of a Jobseeker submitting false or misleading information and shall not be liable for any losses or damages to Schools as a result of using Jobseekers information.

All information and data is presented on the Website in good faith. does not verify school registrations (beyond a correctly formatted name and address), advertisements posted by Schools nor resumes posted by Jobseekers.

The existence of a job advertisement posted on The Website by a School does not automatically confer that a job is available.

The existence of a resume posted on The Website by a Jobseeker does not automatically confer that the Jobseeker is available for employment.

Privacy Policy :
All Jobseekers’ and Schools’ data submitted through is treated as strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone without prior approval of the submitter. This excludes cases where the is fulfilling its service responsibilities by releasing Jobseekers’ information to Schools to help them to find jobs or releasing Schools’ information to Jobseekers to help them to find employees. collects a variety of statistical information relating to Users visiting the Website. This information is used for quality control, research and marketing purposes.

Access to Information :
A User of the system has the right to amend any data held about them by at any time, and may also contact to have their information completely removed from the Website.

Terms of Use