High Schools

Experience of the past and a vision for the future…

The American High Schools are among the most important and prestigious schools in the Turkish education system. Our schools help to form the generations that will build the future by carrying forward the solidarity, knowledge, manners and experience gained from the long tradition of the schools. While studying at the American Schools, students feel like they are part of a large family and maintain their links with their school and their friends long after graduation.

All SEV High Schools stress the importance of both a rigorous academic program as well as co-curricular activities as a way of fostering adolescent development in a myriad of contexts. The schools are international in terms of curriculum, the teaching faculty as well as the methodology used. The students follow the curriculum which is bilingual – English and Turkish – and receive education in a bilingual and bicultural environment with teachers of Turkish and other nationalities. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is offered at all of the SEV high schools. The fact that the schools are IB schools impacts the teaching and learning for all teachers and students whether they are directly involved in the IB program or not.