Why should you teach abroad in Turkey – and in a SEV schoool in particular? I can tell you that teaching jobs in Turkey will reward you at a personal level and professionally as well. If you love history, travel, beaches, hospitality and great food, Turkey - and Izmir in the Aegean region in particular - has a spectacular and immense richness of all of these qualities based on the merging of many cultures over an immense amount of history. A quick internet search of the Izmir area will produce thousands of images of towns built among old castles and ruins, kilometres of seaside cafes, dazzling beaches and gracious and hospitable people. Izmir has the most Meditteranean and liberal society in Turkey and again this shows through the cultural events, recreational opportunities, shopping and most importantly the people.

Prospective teachers need to know that there are English teaching jobs in Turkey and then there are professional opportunities working with other highly qualified international and national staff in the SEV/ACI schools in Izmir. English teaching jobs at our campus will be rewarding professionally and allow qualified individuals to collaborate, provide opportunities to increase or learn new skills and work with extremely intelligent and capable students. The schools are run by a dependable, professional non-profit foundation with a sound governing body that is committed to educational excellence. The students are English-speaking and are highly motivated to learn. The schools are CIS accredited, and as such, are fully immersed in designing intercultural awareness, highlighting environment awareness and encouraging creativity and problem-solving.
I think teachers at this school would ask me to add the financial benefits of working at the Izmir SEV schools: Tax free salary, paid housing, excellent health insurance, a lower cost of living and international flights from an airport that are within three hours of most of Europe and the Middle East.

What else can I tell you? If you are thinking of teaching abroad in Turkey, or are even just looking at English teaching jobs in Turkey, please take a moment to read the teacher testimonials and view the videos on this site. I also encourage you to talk to people who work or have worked at the SEV schools because I believe their enthusiasm will certainly help with your decision to apply with us. If you have questions please contact me at

Tim Huttemann