SEV American College, SAC, began admitting students in September, 2014. The school grew to a size of 600 students in four years. SAC has joined the family of schools that were founded by the American Board in the mid-1800s and now governed by the Health and Education Foundation (SEV), a Turkish non-profit foundation. Students can enter the school from the SEV Elementary Schools or through a nationally administered entrance exam taken at the end of the eighth grade.


At SAC we value international mindedness and learning from others who may have different backgrounds and perspectives. As a foreign head of school, I hope to encourage and model respect for diversity and unfamiliar ideas that would enrich us as individuals and communities. It is learning about different cultures, and respecting differences that we challenge, clarify and strengthen our own thinking. We would like our students to be proficient thinkers, confident speakers, and at ease operating in both national and international contexts. The educational program at SAC are designed to achieve these aims.


The focus of SAC is to create a dynamic learning community whereby students can not only be the architects of their education, but also be the architects of their futures. A collaborative dialogue will be in place where students and faculty can develop programs and facilities to meet the educational needs of today’s youth, and prepare them for their post- secondary options.


The academic programs are rigorous in nature and prepares students for universities both in and outside of Turkey. Math, Science and English are taught in English. The Turkish Language and Literature as well as Social Studies courses are taught in Turkish. The study of languages is extended to French, German and Spanish. Additionally, courses in Arts, Music, Drama, IT and Physical Education are offered. SAC has been granted authorization from the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer the diploma program of studies. The goal of the academic program is to provide rigorous academic courses, augmented by a wide variety of electives which foster the refinement of creative, critical and analytic thinking skills.


We welcome all who come to learn and positively contribute to the SAC learning community.


Dale Taylor

Head of School