Donny Smith

English Teacher from the USA

Istanbul is full of spectacular views, and some of the best can be seen from the UAA campus. From the top floor of Martin Hall or of Emir Konak, you can view a panorama of the old neighbourhood of Üsküdar stretching all the way to the Bosphorus Straıt, with the old city on the other side. You can see Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, the ships in the Sea of Marmara, thousands of people … On a sunny day everything sparkles like jewels.

Isabelle De Mannoury De Croisilles

French Teacher from France

After several years’ experience in Istanbul I can recommend the following:

For the cultural life, there are many different museums. I like very much the Pera Museum which offers very interesting exhibitions in a warm friendly environment. There are also specialized museums like the Sea Museum in Beşiktaş and the Kariye Museum about Byzantine Christian culture ın Balat, or the Museum of Islamic Arts in the park of Topkapi Palace along with many others.

For views and a good time you can visit Cihangir, where you can see the Bosphorus Strait and Golden Horn from above.

To buy fresh vegetables and fruit you have wonderful lıvely markets where the sellers are friendly. For shopping there are huge shopping centers throughout Istanbul ın general.

For a weekend get-away or short holiday you can travel outside of İstanbul conveniently and not too far away. The scenery is gorgeous and there are nice places to visit or to bath in the sea.

The atmosphere in the school is unique with a green campus and nice garden. Most of the students are hardworking, they enjoy learning, and they are active and very respectful towards the teachers. The international faculty is open minded, dynamic and very friendly. The administration is helpful in many topics both professionally and personally.

The town itself is in a very nice place in the world. Personally I think I could say it is the center of the world. In such a short radius you have so many different cultures, different languages and different religions. And inside the town there is a wealth of things to explore.