English teaching jobs in our schools are rewarding professionally and allow qualified individuals to collaborate, provide opportunities to learn new skills and work with extremely motivated and capable students. The schools are overseen by a professional non-profit foundation with a sound governing body that is committed to educational excellence. If you plan to teach abroad, look at teaching in Turkey in a SEV school. SEV has 10 schools in Istanbul, Izmir and Adana which are based on history, culture and educational innovation in the Turkish education system.


Welcome to the Usküdar American Academy recruiting website. As you look at our website, ask yourself the following questions:
Why should you teach abroad in Turkey – and in a SEV schoool in particular? I can tell you that teaching jobs in Turkey will reward you at a personal level and professionally as well.
Do you want a wonderful adventure? Then come work at one of the Tarsus schools – Tarsus American College, Tarsus SEV Middle School or Tarsus SEV Elementary School...
SEV American College, SAC, began admitting students in September, 2014. Now in its fourth year, it has grown to 550 students and 80 faculty members.


UAL Testimonial
Jillian McLeod from SAC
Nam Pham from SAC
Batu Scott MacEslin from Üsküdar SEV Elementary School
Kevin Walle from Tarsus SEV Elementary School
Esra Naz from Tarsus SEV Elementary School
Nicolas Sarmiento from UAA
Simon Butterworth from UAA
Despina SAVVAS  from Tarsus SEV Elementary School
Jade Mariah MEYERS  from Tarsus SEV Elementary School
Neal Cooke from Üsküdar SEV Middle School
Elaine Vaccarello from Üsküdar SEV Elementary School
Discover the experiences of our teachers in İstanbul, İzmir and Tarsus. They will tell you a lot about how it is like living and teaching in these cities.


Teaching can be a heavy load sometimes. But working at Üsküdar American Academy (UAA) helps lighten that load. When UAA staff need to get away and give their heads a shake, few things clear the...
The below list includes a variety of hamams, some of which are quite fancy, and some of which lay almost ruins. They all however, embody the heritage of Ottoman bathing...
Istanbul is a city built between the Sea of Marmara, the Black Sea, and around the Bosphorus, the strait connecting those two seas. Naturally, because of its geographic position, seafood restaurants.
Istanbul, where East meets West. A traditional, yet modern city filled with amazing things to see and discover. A spectacular city that lays on two continents, Asia and Europe...
It is a sunny but slightly chilly spring day in Izmir – one that you know will not last because the hot summer will soon appear. But as it is, the Aegeans and the guests of spring would rather...
Located a bit up the hill from the historic and tourist-heavy Beyazıt, the Süleymaniye district offers visitors a different, non-modern view of Istanbul. This was once the heart of Old Istanbul...
From the Grand Bazaar to the neighborhood bazaar, Istanbul is a city of bazaars. What’s surprising to many newcomers, however, is that bazaars in Turkey are not just places selling water pipes...
Üsküdar lies along the Bosphorus, ushering the high foothills of Çamlıca into the waters of this most famous of straits. Each moment of the day...
Yoga is fundamental for me and everywhere I move I need to find a yoga “home”. I was very happy to find Cihangir Yoga studios here in Istanbul...
The city’s coffee culture boom has begun about 3 years ago and the culture has grown quite fast since then. There are now tens if not a hundred of cafés, as referred to by the cafes we visited...
The Aegean region accounts for 52.7% of all the wine produced in Turkey, with numerous wineries in Izmir, Manisa, Denizli, and Çanakkale. The Izmir district of Urla is also known as a region...
Even though rakı is the popular choice of drink in Istanbul, there are more than enough pubs and bars catering to beer enthusiasts. See our list of the best and most popular...